Monday, June 20, 2011

my favorite products

most of these products below are used on a daily basis. i don't spend a lot of money on expensive hair and skin products because the kind that i use work just fine for me and are a fraction of the cost.

the product on the left is by john frieda and it is called luxurious volume. it is a lightweight spray dry shampoo that i use to refresh the volume in my hair throughout the day. you simply spray it on your roots and rub in gently with your fingers to bring back the bounce. i use this tresemme hairspray pretty much every day when i curl my hair. it's a very light aerosol spray that holds the curls throughout the day. it is also a good spray to tame fly aways because it is so light and does not make hair greasy. it is sold pretty much anywhere and is less than $10. the product on the right is also by john frieda and it is called heat defeat. i spray this on my damp hair every day before blow drying and curling. it doesn't make my hair greasy or tangly and it does a good job of protecting my hair from any heat damage.

this is one of my favorite facial cleansers to use. sometimes, i hate to admit, i sleep with my makeup on overnight if i'm staying at my boyfriend's or am too lazy to wash my face. this scrub gives me a revitalized feeling to my skin when i wake up the next morning and use it. it has won many awards for being the best scrub and has been mentioned many times in allure magazine.

now i may be the pickiest person ever when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. i have very thin hair and often hate the way my hair looks with certain hair cleaning products. however, i decided to give suave professionals a try. i use the invigorating clean shampoo and conditioner with 100% real rosemary and mint. the smells is amazing and i like the way my hair feels when using the products. it gives me the results i need at only about $4 per bottle.


Emily said...

I'm pretty rubbish with using products on my hair, I rarely use anything other than shampoo, conditioner and a bit of mousse- my hairs pretty frazzled because of it! Will have to investigate some of these xx

VT said...

love your blog, its so inspirational & different ! you are really pretty :)

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