Wednesday, June 15, 2011

jewelry box

i am moving into a new apartment in july and i really want to decorate my room in a cute and chic way. i found an old unused jewelry box in my room at my parent's house and decided that it needed a little updating.

first, i took the jewelry box apart as much as i could. i unscrewed the hinges to the doors and took the glass panels out to make painting easier. i then sanded the wood, going with the grain to prevent any scratches, then wiped the dust off with a paper towel. next, i used a black acrylic paint and did two coats on the entire box and the drawers, which slid out. i did not paint the sections of the box that would not be visible when the doors were reattached and closed so it wouldn't be such a challenge to paint the inside. there's the finished product, ready to be used in my new room!

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Salha said...

These looks so cute!! :)